Sponsor a Child

Pebbles Nursery School Primrose, originally hArt Day Centre, is an early childhood development centre that is located at Gabriel Praise Centre. Gabriel Praise Centre started this initiative to cover some of the monthly costs that Pebbles Primrose encounters in the running of the Nursery School.

Currently there are 31 underprivileged children attending Pebbles Nursery School Primrose. Monthly costs are in excess of R1600.00 per child which includes the following:

– Trained teachers who provide Early Childhood Development education and Grade 1 preparation skills.
– A balanced breakfast, two snacks and lunch daily.
– Clothing
– A parenting course for the parents / guardians of the children who attend our school.
– Transportation to and from the informal settlement to the school.

– Dental, Optic and health screening (and further support if deemed necessary)

– Occupational Therapy and Psychology screening when necessary

– Toys, sweets and other gifts, at least 3 times a year

To assist us in building into the lives of these children, we have developed an ‘Sponsor-a-Child” initiative. This initiative gives you the opportunity to change the life of a child by offering a monthly financial contribution towards their expenses. In addition, we also offer you the opportunity to partake in social activities with ‘your child’, such as birthdays at the school, school visits, attendance to their concert and/or Grade R Graduation, and communication via emails/ letters. We have the following contribution options available:

– R1600 per month – Full sponsorship for a child of your choice.
– R800 per month – Half sponsorship for your sponsored child.

Every single cent contributed is a massive blessing to these children. So even if your contribution is lower than the above mentioned, we would love to have you as part of our kiddies lives! Please contact us for more information. 

LOOKING TO GET INVOLVED? Follow the simple steps below.
Step 1

Email admin@sukfoundation.wpengine.com and we will give you the information needed for you to choose your sponsored child.

Step 2

Decide to pledge R800 or R1600 and fill in the appropriate pledge form that will be emailed to you. You will need to specify if you would like to make the donation for the duration of 1, 2 or 3 years.

Step 3

Send through the money each month and you, in return, receive termly reports and information on ‘your’ sponsored child.

Your donation can be done via EFT directly into the school’s bank account, or alternatively, a debit order can be set up. 

For more information, or any questions you may have regarding this initiative, please don’t hesitate to contact us.