One of Sukuma’s main initiatives is the Early Childhood Development Centres, also known as Pebbles Nursery Schools. We ensure that all the schools use the CAPS system, as this is the same system that the local primary schools utilise, ensuring a smooth transition to Grade 1.

We currently have a Pebbles Nursery School in Primrose that holds 31 children a year. We also have one in Klopperpark (up to 70 children a year) that falls under our partner organisation, Ukwakha Isizwe Foundation. They are also in the process of opening a third Pebbles Nursery School which they are working hard to have up and running by the third term of this year. Due to the restrictions of the site, Pebbles Maboneng will start with only 20 students and 4 staff members.

Pebbles Primrose

Pebbles Primrose is an Early Childhood Development Centre that provides free education to the children of the Makausi informal settlement, Primrose, who otherwise would not be able to afford education. Pebbles is dedicated to providing an education that will prepare the children for Primary School. One of our main focuses is to teach the children to speak English and instil primary educational foundations. Pebbles provides a nutritious breakfast, lunch and two snacks daily as well as providing transport to and from the school.

Pebbles Primrose originated as hArt Day Centre and is housed by Gabriel Praise Centre. We currently have 31 children attending the centre, 3 teachers, an assistant and a cook. Gabriel Praise Centre recently started an ‘Sponsor a child initiative to cover some of the monthly costs associated with this project. Our children are our future and the impact we are having will influence the future of our country.

Should you wish to help this school, you can sponsor one of our children, assist us in our wish list or donate using our donation reference below.

Pebbles Klopperpark & Maboneng

Pebbles Klopperpark and Maboneng fall under our partner organisation, Ukwakha Isizwe Foundation. To find out more information regarding that site, please refer to their website.