Gabriel Praise centre

The well-being of our youth, and ultimately our nation, is in dire need. At hArt we understand that, now more than ever before, we need to equip our youth to enable them to reach their full potential and adapt in an ever-changing economic climate. In light of this, we provide them with the opportunity to gain an education through the hArt EduCare program.

The strategy this initiative directly contributes to our mission of addressing the needs of less-fortunate individuals in communities in which we operate.

The objectives of the program include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Providing a responsible manner to attribute the necessary financial aid to selected students. Through the hArt EduCare Program, donors can make financial contributions to the candidates of their choice via Sukuma Foundation.
    hArt EduCare has a dedicated bank account through which any income received and payments made on behalf of the candidates is facilitated. Payments to the educational establishments are made directly from the Foundation on behalf of the students to ensure transparency.
  • Providing the necessary support throughout the duration of the student’s course and, consequently, creating and maintaining a close relationship of mutual accountability with the students. The majority of our candidates are part of the Cornerstone Church community in Johannesburg and various of its community uplifting initiatives, which allows room for even more transparency and mentoring into their lives.
  • Establishing regular report back meetings with the students, where they have the opportunity to share the progress of their studies and any challenges they encounter, of which they might require extra assistance.
  • Offering feedback to the donors as regularly as they might like on the progress and well-being of the students.

There is great need to offer financial support to many of these post-matric candidates as there is little to no help for them in obtaining any further education. 

Through the hArt EduCare program, a number of candidate students are presented with the opportunity to further their education and, in so doing, improve their chances for a better quality of life for them and their dependents.
Should you desire to contribute towards the tertiary education or skills development of our beneficiaries, please use the donation reference below or contact us for more information. 

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