Run 4 hope

Meet JJ van Heerden 

JJ will be running the Addo Elephant 100-mile Trail Run on the 18th of March. 
Yes… you read that correctly…. 100. Mile. Trail. Run! That is 160km and the equivalent of running 4 back to back marathons, over mountains and on a trail route (not a nice cushy road). IT’S IN…SANE! 

Meet Pebbles Primrose

Pebbles Primrose is a non-fee-paying nursery school that works with children between the ages of three to six years from the Makausi informal settlement in Primrose. It focuses on early childhood development while equipping parents with parenting skills and encouraging families to function as a loving unit despite the often-tragic circumstances that these children find themselves in. 
The children are offered transport to and from the school, 3 meals per day, educational resources and many more goodies at absolutely NO cost per month.

Meet Run 4 Hope

Run 4 Hope was the initiative that was birthed by JJ and his beautiful wife, Dorothy.
JJ saw the opportunity to push his emotional, mental and physical self to do what seems impossible, while encouraging ordinary people like yourself to accomplish the impossible by donating money and helping him raise R400,000.00 for Pebbles Primrose!
That money will enable the school to run for almost a full year with all costs covered, and it will upgrade the school’s playground, too!

Donate an amount towards this initiative, and let’s see the impossible achieved one rand and kilometre at a time!
No amount is too low and every contribution takes us one step closer to reaching the goal!

STAND UP! Support us in changing the course of a child’s life today!

For more information, head over to HOPE.