Looking back at 2021 – APRIL

April was a month of overwhelming blessings! Our children were spoilt out of their socks, and we all felt so loved and supported! Thank you for making Easter so special and memorable!


Gryffin Safety generously donated an Easter egg and an Easter bunny to each of our little ones!
We were able to host an Easter hunt for the children, and it was so special and exciting! For some of our kiddies, it was their first time ever, and they had so much fun!

Thank you for spoiling our children, and making Easter a holiday that they’ll truly remember!

Gryffin Safety has supported us and spoilt our little ones for so many years now. They are always willing to raise the funds necessary to make sure that our children have whatever they need, feel loved and appreciated and are left so overwhelmed by all the spoils and blessings!
We appreciate you so much Gryffin Safety! Thank you for playing such a vital part in what we’re doing as an organisation!


HLB Barnett Chown blessed our little ones by giving them each a party pack containing the following items: a toothbrush, a toothpaste, soap, a facecloth, colouring in resources, a colouring in book and lots of sweeties and goodies!

They even had extras that they graciously donated towards our food hampers for the families that Sukuma Foundation has been helping since Covid-19!

It is surreal watching the faces of our children light up as they witness first-hand the incredible generosity given by HLB Barnett Chown!

HLB Barnett Chown contacted us at the end of last year with a desire to support us with food and cleaning resources for Pebbles Primrose. We were so overwhelmed by their generosity, and it has been such a blessing for Sukuma Foundation! We’ve been able to save over R12,000.00 by using the resources that they donated to us in January, and we are still reaping fruit from that donation today!
Thank you for always being willing to support and bless us, and we trust that your company will be so blessed in response to your selfless blessings!

Our hearts are so tender from the generosity continuously seen by these two amazing companies!
We encourage you to go check their websites out, and support them in your business ventures!