A reminder to BLOSSOM!

“SPRING: A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be”

– Unknown –

Today we welcomed Spring with hearts full of gratitude and love!
We all made a point of dressing up for the occasion, and celebrated CHANGE!

It has been such a dry, cold and desolate time for so many people around the world, but especially in our nation! This year alone we’ve had to tackle Covid-19 head on whilst watching our communities, homes and livelihoods be robbed and destroyed in the name of justice.
I think we can all agree that, coming out of 2020, and halfway through 2021, we understand what hurt, pain, loneliness and, most importantly, desperation feels like.

Our beneficiaries and organisations are not foreign to any of it, and we are all hurting too. We’ve had many funerals, many cries, many needs and many desperate moments… BUT GOD has been with us every step of the journey, and we have felt so embraced, so taken care of and so loved throughout these past few months. We’ve witnessed Him firsthand as he carried us over each mountain, provided for each of our needs and comforted us when nothing and no one else could.

Our hearts are sore, yes… but they are full! Full of wonder and glory for our Heavenly Father! Full of gratitude and appreciation for our supporters and sponsors! But, most importantly, full of love and enthusiasm for our beneficiaries! We’ve come out of this season so complete and excited, because we know that Spring never fails. The seasons we go through are NEVER eternal.

So, our encouragement to you all is to just breathe.
Breathe in the beautiful fragrance of a new season that we’re all walking into.
Breathe in the peace that is promised to us and that transcends all understanding.
Breathe in the warmth of our gracious and ever-present Father, who loves and knows you better than anyone ever could.

“Be still and know that I am God”

– Psalm 46:10 –