Contentment in the face of uncertainty

Joe Pinsker starts his article in The Atlantic with the following statement:

“The year 2020 has given more to the authors of history textbooks than it has to the writers of diaries.

Decades from now, scholars will have a wealth of material for their accounts of this pivotal time, but when the people who lived through it look back on the timelines of their personal lives, many of them will find a gap where 2020 should be.”

As we look back on this year, and the rawness of the above statement rings true to our lives, it would be expected that we were left desolate and depressed after this very trying time. However, the reality is that we feel quite the opposite. Instead of feeling a gap, we feel fuller and more amazed than ever! The generosity, love, support and unity that was witnessed over the course of this year is absolutely astonishing!

At Sukuma Foundation, and through the support of our phenomenal sponsors, we have been able to bless our staff, our children and our children’s families with the most breath-taking acts of kindness. From food hampers over our national lockdown to teddy bears and sweeties in their Santa Shoeboxes – our beneficiaries, staff and partners were all taken care of and left absolutely blessed!

Word’s really cannot describe the appreciation and love that we have for those who chose to make a difference this year through donations in the form of money, food, gifts and time! We understand that everyone would have been affected by this worldwide pandemic but yet, there was a multitude of sacrifice and charity that we witnessed this year, so THANK YOU!

“Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind.”

– Lionel Hampton

All of our children at Pebbles Primrose were BLESSED with the most amazing gifts from the Santa Shoebox Project…

…And a beautiful handmade Teddy Bear each!

However, every single one of our Grade R’s also got a school bag for Grade 1,…

… a goodie bag filled with necessaties,….

…a picture frame for their Certificate,…

And to top it all off, three of our kids received school shoes, too!

This, and so much more!! We’re really just so overwhelmed with the generosity and love shown to our beneficaries. Thank you to everyone who played a part in making this year end on such a blessed note!